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Man burnt to death by in-laws in Surendranagar

Man burnt to death by in-laws in Surendranagar

RAJKOT: In a gruesome incident, a 24-year-old man was burnt alive, allegedly by his members of his in-laws' family, in Ratanpar village of Surendranagar district on Thursday night.

Police have arrested five persons, including the victim, Mahesh Parmar's wife Aarti, for the crime.

Parmar had estranged relationship with his wife since some months and she had started living with her parents. On Thursday night, Aarti's father Gelabhai Dalit called Mahesh at his house to settle the domestic dispute. However, some verbal altercation took place between Mahesh and his in-laws family members.

The arguments turned ugly and they doused Mahesh with kerosene and set him ablaze. Mahesh tried to escape from the spot. He ran on the road in a charred condition and was taken to hospital by some passer-by.

Later, he was shifted to a hospital in Ahmedabad but he succumbed to the burns on Friday.

Surendranagar police have booked all the five for murder.

"A domestic scuffle between Mahesh and his wife took a very serious turn. His wife had been living with her parents since few months. All of them have conspired to kill him," said an official of Joravarnagar police station, which is investigating the case. 


Source : Times Of India

ગુનો/Crime,સુરેન્દ્રનગર/Surendranagar,View : 2567


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