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    એંજીલ - (આશ્ચર્યમાં) ટાઈટેનિક ડૂબી ગયુ હતુ કે બળી ગયુ હતુ (?)

Hari Darshan (હરી દર્શન)

Hari Bhakt Prahlad (Satyajeet) is an ardent follower of Lord Vishnu, and nothing will distract him from this devotion. When the kingdom's emperor, Hiranyakashyap, finds out that his subject is engrossed in worshiping someone else, he has him summoned, and asks him to forget Lord Vishnu and instead worship him. Prahlad refuses to do so, and Hiranyakashyap orders that he be admitted in a school and taught to worship him.

Prahlad attends this school, and manages to convert everyone there to his belief and also worship Lord Vishnu, thus angering Hiranyakashyap even more. Hiranyakashyap then decides to kill Prahlad, his family, and all of Lord Vishnu's worshipers, with Prahlad being selected to be burnt alive. Now only a miracle from Lord Vishnu can save young Prahlad from being burnt alive. How will Prahlad be saved from his doomed fate?

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