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  • શિક્ષક & ભોલું

    શિક્ષક : ભોલુ આ દુનિયામાં કેટલા દેશ છે?

    ભોલું: એક જ ભારત!

    શિક્ષક : ભારત સિવાયના પણ બીજા દેશ છેને!

    ભોલું : બીજા ને તો પરદેશકહેયાય.



Have Papano Ma Adalat Bharashe

The law has always been above all. The law has no feelings towards a peson or a thing. It only believes in the witnesses and the evidence available. Many criminals find loopholes in this very sytem and are able to escape the clutches of law with the help of certain corrupt lawyers. Will these criminals always escape the law? Is the law just restricted to what is produced in files? Is this blind law actually protecting the society? Have Papano Ma Adalat Bharashe speaks about this serious issue.

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