Deliberation on Rajkot's development plan on Saturday

  Deliberation on Rajkot's development plan on Saturday

 RAJKOT: The Rajkot Urban Development Authority (RUDA) will hold the second deliberation meeting on its second revised draft Development Plan (DP), which shape the future growth of the city, on Saturday at Hemu Gadhvi hall in the city.

RUDA has invited all the stake holders in this meeting including MLAs, Builders, architects, and businessmen among others to their view on the future growth plan of the city.

According to RUDA officials, on Saturday, they will make a presentation on the development which was taken between 2001 and 2011, the earlier Development, before the stake holders present land use pattern of the RUDA area.

RUDA area is spread over 686 square kilometer which include 54 villages. The 'Vision 2021' will outline the city's exponential growth plan. Rajkot is 22end fastest growing city in the world.

Sources said that the city is surrounded by industrial estates like Shapar-Veraval and Metoda GIDC. All the aspects will be discussed in detail before the proposal of the DP.

According to RUDA officials, during the earlier proposed development (2001-2011), it has achieved 56 % growth in residential area, commercial 48 %, and industrial 48 % as against the projection.

Source: Times Of India

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