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In whole over Gujarat describe to Rajkot city. Rajkot city is the forth largest in our Gujarat. Faster growing city world rank is 22nd.This is the region centre of Saurashtra. In this city many historical and many beautiful places.

Rajkot was capital of Saurashtra from aproximatly 15th April, 1947 to 31st October 1956. Rajkot  was gone to reincorporated on 1st May, 1956. In this city have two rivers like as Aji and Nyari. This rivers monsoon season in between mid June to October. In this city very brintness people stay with this city. Respected Mr. Mohondas Karmchand Gandhi’s  father was situated in this city and their’s residence are famous like as “Kaba Gandhi No Delo”.
In Education direction rajkot is become to all other city. Many village are stay in around the Rajot. Rajkot airport are very well for ther service, for example Rajkot to Mumbai flight are available to daily. In the Rajkot oldest bridge famouse of “Aji Dam”.This bridge was constructed through British Government. Rajkot have big ground name of “Race Course”. Many people are come on the Race Course and specially for Sunday hug type of people come on this spot. In this city have Muesum situated at Dr. Yagnik Road. Rajkot city have 1.28 million population in 2012.Rajkot is also famous of “Rangilu Rajkot” means colorful  rajkot therfor rajkot is the multicultural city. Rajkot is also famous of “Kathiyawadi”. In most famous of swaminarayan temple is much beatiful at Rajot.Many vegitables market are on this city known as” Jyubeli Market”, “Yard Market”, “ Para-Bazar Market”.In the rajkot many type of relagion people situated.

Rotary Dolls Muesum is very famous in the Rajkot. In this muesum have 1,400 dolls of all over the world.Rajkot city have many big hospital like as “Dhakan Hospital”, “Shri Satya Sai Heart Hospital”etc. Rajkot city have first non profit theatre known as “Hemu Gadhvi Hall”. In current time on this hall perfome of Dramas, Short Stories, Functions etc. Rajkot city is the clean and safe city for all peoples. Every people are stay with trust together.In the city some people are tradisions dress with their relagion and work. In this city have many traditional business and work & people are also attract with thier work.

In this city have Industrial area which place of many factories was developed with their platform. Rajkot Government Hospital are very big and  many people are satisfy with this hospital.At current time this hospital are known as “Pandit Din-Dayal Upadyay Hospital”. Every festival are celebreate with huge type of joy in the Rajkot. Ram-Krishna ashra has situated in rajkot at Dr. Yagnik Road. This ashram is for hepful for all peoples. Many camps was arranged without any fees for every pationts.

Rajkot have many cricket matches was played from schools and colleges like as “Dulip Trophy” and “Ranji Trophy”.2nd largest cricket stadium was cunstructed which name of “Khandheri   Cricket Stadioum” in rajkot.On this stadium day and night cricket played. Present time about this staduim have many matches and many famouse cricketers was played on this ground. In our Rajkot are famouse for  “Garba”. Many people are played with be excitement.Rajkot is famouse for gold and many jweller’s shop are stay at Palace Road. Rajkot has got many success  in industries level and also health. Rajkot is very special for menufacturing of Diesel Engine and Submersible Pumps. On this city is the development for all people. Many colleges and schools has stay of Rajkot. Rajkot city has 12 Engineering Colleges and many students are learing in this colleges.

On current time BRTS bus service has started aproximatly 1years ago in 150 feet ring road areas. Now city bus has provide best service from aproximatly 3months ago. Many people are satisfy with this city bus service and every dasy many people make their journey with joyness.This bus have a/c coach and safe and secure seats provided. Many people says that when they should go for the jorney at a time they save their important time and safly and fastly reached on thier destination.

Rajkumar College is situated in center  of Rajkot and this college also known as “RKC”. RKC is very oldest college in Rajkot. This city is connected to Airlines and Railway for purpose of transport, so transpsort service is best perform by rajkot government.Air  travel development is slowly in Rajkot. This college is very famouse in rajkot. Many students are learng in the RKC college. Many faculties are learning in this college.

Many people are struggeled on this city and some people are proved to best perform in business. Most of people are travelling with GSRTC like as aproximatly 81000 public travelled everyday. Many people was makes the better future with the Rajkot. Many chances for development and future  from the Rajkot. Asia’s big Auto Mobile zone of rajkot. Many namkeen products and much items  manufacturing like as Balaji wafers etc. company standing on Rajkot.


Mohandas Gandhi Highschool was conducted when british rules was followed.This schools was the first English school of Rajkot.Scool was founded at 17th Ocbober, 1853.This school is known as Alfred High School. After independence school name was changed the Mohandas Gandhi High School.Every festival are celebreate with enjoying together. Rajkot have many briliant students, teachers and professor, they are provide well education to us.Rajkot city is the non-correption city in Gujarat. When people was came in this city then they was made their career with best chances. Shortly rajkot is the one of the best and cultural city in Gujarat.

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